Coconut is all the rage at the moment. There’s coconut oil, coconut ice cream and coconut milk. You name it, there’s a coconut alternative. This coconut bliss ball recipe is the best so far.

These bite sized snacks are filling and full of good fats and potassium!
Makes 20

100g Pecans
125g Raw sunflower seeds
90g Shredded, unsweetened coconut
Stevia equal to 2 tablespoons of sugar
60ml Melted, coconut oil
1tbsp inulin
210g Almond butter
1tsp natural coconut extract
1tsp Vanilla extract

In a food processor combine pecans, sunflower seeds and two thirds of the shredded coconut, then place in a large bowl.
In a small bowl put the remainder of the coconut and set-aside.
Add the sweetener, inulin, almond butter, coconut oil, vanilla, and coconut extract to the pecan mixture and combine thoroughly.
Spoon out teaspoon size amounts and roll into balls. Then coat in separate coconut. Refrigerate for at least one hour before serving and store in the fridge.

Healthy Coconut Bliss Snack Balls

Note: This is not my recipe I found it in a book called The Wheat Belly.
Each blissful contains about 220 calories, 5g protein, 7g carbohydrates, 20g total fat.

Bon Appétit

Xo Jess

If there is anything I have learnt from this week, it’s that balance is such an essential in life. Whether it be work, gym, food or anything!


Too much and we overload, not enough and we never more forward and live out our full potential.

It was a crazy week, the biggest and most jam packed I’ve had in a long time. Between creche, coaching, classes, clients and study, life was going 100 miles an hour and 7am starts and 3am finishes were not ideal..

This taught me a few things.
1. To manage my time more efficiently. Breaking down my entire day made it a little easier to deal with and get things done.
2. Ask for help. If it’s still physically impossible and you still aren’t getting it all done ( like I was) then ask for help, delegate and have a team/someone to support you.
3. Take a moment to ask better questions. How can I use my time better? Is what I’m doing right now productive and necessary. What systems can I put in place to make this easier and more efficient. Asking better questions can only get you better results.
4. Remember it’s not the end of the world. At the end of the day, you have food on the table, you’re healthy and loved. Be grateful, take a breath and remember you will get through it.

I didn’t get up to much during the week as I
was flat out. I had an awesome PT session with Shannon and on the weekend I went to a wedding! I was fortunate enough to see my two friends get married on such a beautiful day! The garden wedding couldn’t have been perfect and the day finished off with the most amazing sunset before the reception started.

A magical sunset near Toowoomba after a magical wedding

An amazing way to end a crazy week.

Monday! Weigh in day! I wasn’t sure how I’d go as I didn’t meal prep so I ate very random meals and times, whenever I had a spare second. That’s why meal prep is so important, to keep me on track towards my goals.
I put on weight. I gained muscle which was great but also gained some fat which is obviously not ideal. But that’s ok. I’m not going to let this derail all the good work I have done! And the scales aren’t everything.

I was cleaning my room on Sunday and came across a pair of shorts that I had. I had tried them on at around the same time I started this journey. They didn’t fit. They were hard to get over my bum and the zipper didn’t do up at all. I tried them on, still expecting not to be able to zip them up…. but what do you know!!! They did! Not only did the zip up but they were a tad loose around the top! So remember, the scales aren’t everything!!

Before and after as my weightloss results

So much can play with the numbers ( especially women at certain times) so it’s important to measure progress in other ways!

Be grateful, have balance and find joy in the everyday things.

Have a great week

Xo Jess

p.s sorry there isn’t more photos, I didn’t take many. Also this is the first time posting a blog on my phone so we’ll see how it goes!

Hydration is one of the most important things when it comes to being healthy.

As you may notice, it’s Saturday. I’m a little late on my normal update. This week was a crazy busy and I can’t believe it’s over already. There is still too much to do…

So last weeks update:
I had a pretty normal week. Gym, clients etc and on the weekend I had a very social time with an engagement party and a 21st! It was a great weekend but it came at a cost.

Girls night out at Prohibition Night Club Brisbane Fortitude Valley Nightlife

Brisbane river cruise

Weigh in on Monday when I stepped on the scales, my water content had dropped 5% !! Now that might not seem like much but it’s HUGE. This meant I was severely dehydrated and the reading of my fat and muscle was tainted so it wasn’t accurate at all.

I needed to get my hydration back up.
(After a huge drink of water right then and there) I did some research about hydration and our bodies.

*Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, this is just what I found and wanted to share*

Our bodies need water for almost every part of our bodily functions.
We need it to:
– lubricate our joints
– flush toxins and bacteria from our body
– increase muscle and brain function
– repair cells
– help transport nutrients

Drinking more water leads to more energy, clearer skin and can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and aid in weight loss.

Water and hydration are key to wellness and wellbeing

Hydrating with water through the day is key to our wellbeing, but hydration is from water, not soft drinks, alcohol, coffee or juice. These will only dehydrate you more. Sweating from daily activity and exercise are another factor.

I aim to drink water as soon as I wake up as well as throughout the day. I drink my Herbalife peach tea with my water which really helps to ensure I’m drinking enough and so I can easily drink 3-4 litres a day.

The green tea base is delicious, awesome for energy and has many other benefits!

Peach Herbalife Tea for Fat burning

Our bodies can’t tell the difference between hunger and thirst so a rumbling stomach could mean dehydration! (that or it could be lunch time )

Your body is a temple, so treat it like one. Nourish and fuel your body with nutritious food.
(like this amazing avo and green smoothie)

Coco Bliss BrisbaneI hope you’re all having a glass of water as you read this and I’ll post again soon for my next update. I’m so late with this one I could have joined the two together!

Enjoy your weekend

Jess xo

This week there was so much progress and so much happiness!
Without progress and growth, we can’t unlock our full potential and live happily.

Example: If you’re putting in heaps of effort to lose weight and eat well, exercise etc. But you step on the scales and you haven’t lost any weight, you’re not going to be happy. Where as if you stepped on the scales and saw a weightloss, you would be happy.
Same with your work. If you work hard but don’t get the promotion, you’re not going to be happy. Where as if you get that promotion, you would be happy!
We can’t live the same year 80 times and call it a life. Learn, grow and embrace change. Strive for progress, achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality.

The week was jam packed for me.
Tuesday was Boxing, meetings and study.

Wednesday was an awesome swim session, more meetings, study and a night helping out at the Stumpies night at Humeridge. A youth group night with primary school aged kids involved in games and activities.

Then the best bit.. a sleepover at my friends house!

Check out my morning Swim Video.

Thursday was a hike up Table Top mountain. If you haven’t tried it, have a go! The view is definitely worth all the sweat.

Table Top Mountain Toowoomba with amazing views and a great workout.

Friday was a huge day!!

I did a pump class in the morning then we all pitched in and moved the gym around. After 8hrs and a lot of sweat, we swapped the group fitness room and the weights room around. Lots of cleaning and dismantling equipment to get it through the door. Was something different and exciting. They say change is as good as a holiday!

|Ministry of Movement HIITexercise/workout Class

I had dinner at my grandparents house with all my family. It was Dad’s birthday so got pizza for his birthday dinner.

I had the vegetarian, gluten free pizza. Delicious and still relatively healthy. Not an everyday food but sometime you just have to have a piece.. or 2.

Delicious and healthy vegetarian Pizza also gluten free

Saturday was also a big day. I met my friend in the morning and we went for a lovely walk on her farm. It’s so green at the moment. It’s so beautiful, I am very grateful for the rain!

I then went into Toowoomba to visit another friend and run a few errands, then back home.

The most exciting thing Saturday night was my best friend Jess’ 21st! An awesome night full of friends, food and a few bottles of wine. We danced the night ( and morning) away. I was glad to crawl into my swag for a bit of beauty sleep. Even if it was 4.30am

Then up again at 5.45am for a jam packed Sunday. Quickly home for a shower and a change then off to the Felton Food Festival. This is honestly my favourite community event of the year! If you haven’t even been, I can’t suggest it enough.

A saturday party, waking up to a beautiful foggy view

The idea behind it is to showcase local products and services in the darling downs ( and surrounding) area. It is also a day of education. To inform the community about everything from paddock to plate. Where your food comes from, who the farmers are, what it takes to produce your food, where this happens and how it all works.

The more conscious consumers are and the more informed they are about the food they put in their mouth, the better choices they can make. Not only for themselves, but for the health of their family, for the better of the farmer and the community.

After 8 hours of volunteering, the event was over for another year. I met so many amazing people. Dedicated and passionate about educating others about health and farming.

Felton Food Festival 2017. education from farmers about health too

Then it was time for the gym! An awesome workout with some of the other coaches at the gym got us ready and in a positive frame of mind for the week ahead, along with some meditation and visualisations.

Sunday workout at Ministry of Movement

With some sore muscles and tired eyes, I made it home to do my Sunday Meal Prep. Even though it was late and I was physically exhausted, I know I needed to do it. If not, I wasn’t prepared with healthy options for the week and then open up the option for unhealthy choices. So I never skip out on meal prep Sunday.

If you missed my kale chip recipe, you can find it here.

FINALLY! Time for bed!

Monday it starts all again. HIIT30, group nutrition and weigh in!! Every Monday I am excited/nervous about weighing in. I always doubt whether I have done enough. But this week I worked really hard. And it payed off!Watermelon from the veggie patch

0.5kg weight loss

2.7% body fat loss

1.6kg muscle gain

I’m super proud of myself. And even though I’m not getting huge numbers, I know any progress is better than no progress.

Dreams, goal, success, motivation

It’s so important to believe in yourself. Believe you can do it and you will. If you want something, there is almost nothing that can stop you if you want it bad enough.

So go get it!
Have a great week

Jess xo

Green. Healthy. Kale.

I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of the green goodness that was kale until my mum made it in a green juice. From then on I have used it in many different ways. One being kale chips.

It’s not too often someone tells you to eat as much as you can. But here I am. Telling you, that if your heart desires, eat the all the kale chips made from one bunch. Go for it. You can never eat too much kale.

Disclaimer: This recipe is a healthy alternative. These will not taste like potato chips cooked with saturated fat, so don’t expect that. Be open minded to a new healthy snack!

This recipe is from my lovely Mum and they didn’t last long!

1 large bunch of Kale
Oil (coconut or olive preferred)
Spices ( if you would like)

Fresh healthy kale chips are a great nutricious snack for weightlossMethod
Preheat oven at 150 degrees.
1 large washed kale bunch, stems removed and torn into 5cm pieces.
Put in large bowl and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt.
Mix all together very well until well coated with the oil.
Spread out on two trays lined with baking paper.
Bake for 10-15 min,lightly turning the kale at about 5 minutes. (Mine took 15 in total)
Allow to cool, then store in an airtight container at room temperature.

Fresh healthy kale chips are a great nutricious snack for weightloss


Xo Jess

Take action. Just do it. Motivation comes from action.

For example, after a gym session I feel awesome, super motivated and ready to smash my goals, my motivation is 10/10, compared to if I didn’t take action ( go to the gym) I wouldn’t be as pumped, my motivation would be 1/10 because I would probably be on the couch in my pajamas.

This week was full of action. Tuesday was pretty good with a killer boxing session in the morning.

Thursday I spent the morning in town. I got a new IPhone7 Plus. Although I’m terrified of dropping it, I’m excited for the camera and all the movies and photos to come!
Check out my Monday Motivation video on my facebook page.
I also went to donate plasma. This time took a little longer as they increased my donation amount by about 300mls. I love donating, it makes me feel awesome knowing that I can help someone in need.
Friday we had a Ministry of Movement team lunch meeting in Pittsworth. I’m so excited for the future and all the changes and growth it will bring. There are many exciting things to come!
On Saturday I joined in on the morning Yoga class. Yoga is seriously the best. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out. It has so many benefits, not just felxability. Afterwards a few of us had a sauna session, talk about sweat!!
A hot and sweaty sauna session with two lovely ladies!
The sauna has so many health beneifts, such as helping with alleviate arthritis, asthma and flushes toxins from your body. Give it a try today! You don’t have to be a member to book a sauna session, call Ministry of Movement on 46933773 to book a spot today!
My Sunday was pretty quiet. For meal prep, I made curry and quinoa with sweet potato and salad. Delicious!!!. It’s important to think of healthy eating as nourishment for your body, not a punishment.
Meal Prep Sunday with healthy whole foods. Take action and meal prep!
Monday was a crazy HIIT30 session again. It’s one of my favourite classes!
Then came weigh in time.. aaaannnnddd
A loss! 800g fat loss and .5% body fat gone forever! The numbers aren’t crazy big but I am happy with my progress.
Slow progress is better than no progress. My energy now is 10x better and I feel amazing. Thanks to a healthy balanced whole foods based as well as some Herbalife supplements to fill the gaps ( because let’s be honest, we don’t eat as healthy and nutritious as we should every meal of every day).
Herbalife fat burning tea, aloe and celluloss are 3 great supplement products that help make your weightloss journey so much easier. Take action today!
Have a great week!
Xo Jess

So if there is one thing I have learnt this week, it’s that you can’t forget to live. So I was a little late with getting this update posted, I try for Tuesday but here we are and it’s Thursday, oh well.

The start to my week was fairly uneventful.
On Thursday I had lunch with my friend Virginia at Homegrown Health in Toowoomba. It was a great place and I highly reccomend going! It’s got an awesome menu with so many healthy options. Eating out doesn’t have to be hard, or scary. And you shouldn’t not go out, just because you are trying to lose a few kilos or get into shape!

Homegrown Health has a range of healthy food, to nourish your body and it's delicious too!
On Saturday I attended a ‘Backyard Blitz’ with some friends. Humeridge Unearthed is a great group that is all about serving the community and helping families with anything from moving house to a full garden clean up. It’s an awesome way to spread the love and do something for someone without anything in return.

Once the Blitz was done, I hiked up Table Top. It turned out to be a killer swear sesh in the crazy midday heat! I thoroughly enjoy climbing Table Top, it’s a form of exercise I love. It’s so important to find an exercise you enjoy. You’re much more likely to stick to it and reap all the benefits of a life full of physical activity.

Tabletop Mountain is a great Towoomba hike, with beautiful scenery and challenging trailsAfter a much needed shower, a quick dash to the shops for a shirt and a fresh hair do and makeup, I was off to Brisbane for my beautiful friend Tess’ 21st. It was held at the Mt Coot-tha Lookout with a gorgeous view of the city. Great friends, great food and great music, what more could you ask for!

Mt Coot-tha Lookout Function Centre held the Birthday Celebrations with great food and great service

Afterwards, I went into the city and had an awesome catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in over a year. We went out and had quite a few drinks, a very  late night ( early morning) and some greasy food.

The next morning I was hating myself. I was disappointed I had ‘ruined’ my week of hard work just for one night.
I was venting my frustration to my friends and they just said. “It doesn’t matter. It was one night, you had fun and now your back on track, you still have to live”

Man I have great friends. But they are so right! Yes it wasn’t the best for my health goals and yes it may have hindered my progress but it was one night, I don’t do this every weekend and I was right back on track the next day.

Life is to be lived. It’s about experiences and emotions, t’s about love and passion, it’s about people and places.
So at the end of the day, I’m not worried.

Monday came and I smashed out a killer HIIT30 class at the gym with all my pals. It was an awesome class, I love it! Checkout the Ministry of Movement Facebook page for more info

Our Monday night coaching involved a special guest Kimitra, a kinesiologist. She taught us about passion and how we can live the best and most fulfilled when we follow our passion. It was definitely thought provoking and has encouraged me to dig deeper.

Weigh in came. I was dreading this one more than any other one so far… Yes. As I thought. It was bad news. I had gained body fat. I did lose 800g, but my body fat % went up.

This wasn’t and isn’t going to stop me, but push me to be better, work harder and strive to reach my goals of a healthier, more confident me! So don’t forget to live. Go on the night dinner date, enjoy a glass of wine, and then get straight back into in tomorrow.

Live your life the best you can, life is too short to hold back, laugh, love and liveXo Jess

My favourite! Seriously who doesn’t love a great snack?

It’s sometimes hard to find a different snack that’s healthy and delicious but behold the best snack you will make all week!

This recipe is a great treat and its healthy!
It is full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. All super important and great for your metabolism, skin, bone and digestive health.

Note: This is not a meal. sorry, as delicious as it is.

Sweet and Salty Trail Mix

Gluten and dairy free
This makes about 8 servings
Total time 15mins

1 cup Special K ( I use the gluten free one)
1 cup raw unsalted cashews
1 cup raw almonds
1/2 cup pepitas
1/2 cup shredded coconut
2 pinches salt
2 Tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch cayenne pepper
Pinch nutmeg

Trail Mix Snack Ingredients

Preheat over to 200 degrees
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until well combined
Spread out on a tray with baking paper
Roast in the oven for about 9 minutes, rotating and mixing at halfway.

Baked Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Snack
Allow to cool completely before storing in a container.

Healthy Gluten Free Trail Mix Snack

Bon Appétit

Jess xo

Honestly, this week has its rough moments.

Yesterday might have been a bad day, it’s not a bad life. But everyday is a new day.
Little things got to me down but in all it was a good week.

Work this week involved getting ready for the March 28day challenge. The challenge is a great way to introduce a healthy lifestyle and is easy to use these habits to develop a life of health and wellbeing! Message me or comment if you would like more info!

Meal prep is a healthy lifestyle that makes everything quick, easy and deliciou and can save you money too!
Tuesday I had a visit with the accountant. He is a great guy but who really looks forward to 2 hours talking about numbers and tax?

The rest of the week consisted of coaching calls and clients and trying to convince myself to exercise. This week was hard. I just didn’t want to do it. Sometime I sucked it up and did my workout, sometimes I didn’t.

And that’s ok. I ate well and stayed hydrated so that’s what is most important.

Saturday was my favourite day of the week. I went to lunch at Raw Energy Cafe ( my burger was delicious!)
Then I went to the Lifeline book fair. I love books, I admit I went a little crazy, but I couldn’t help myself. It will probably take me 5 years to read them all but that’s ok!

The Lifeline book fair at the toowoomba showgrounds supports the community and raises money for those who need it mostFINALLY!! Weigh in time. I hadn’t been feeling any different to last week, if anything I felt like I might have gained weight.

I jumped in the scales.. And..


I was disappointed in myself because I know I didn’t put in 100% effort.
Then I looked closer at the results.
My BODY FAT % had gone down,2%

Your weight is just a number. The extra .2kg could have been because I ate my dinner before weighing in and I normally eat it after or it could have been because I had a big drink of water just before. The number said I had gained weight and yes I did but I lost 2% of my body fat.

‘Weight’ is just a reflection of your relationship with gravity. It doesn’t measure muscle or strength, character or possibility.
At the end of the day if you are happy and healthy then that’s all that matters.

I am more motivated now to work hard towards my goals and be constantly trying to improve my health and fitness.
If you want to live your best life but you are unhappy, make a change!
Stay positive, work hard.

Xo Jess

I thought this week was useless, until…

When I look back on the week that has been. I didn’t think much had happened. Every day was pretty similar and I didn’t feel like there were any changes.

But then I really thought about it.

On Wednesday I had a coaching session with Nicole. She taught me so many things, both personal and business. Some little things, some big things that I can do to achieve my goals and better myself and others.
On Thursday I helped my first client begin her journey back to health and wellness.

A healthy berry smoothie for breakfast, a great way to start the day. A nutritious meal. Smoothie goals
On Friday I swan a PB for 1km of laps.

Swimming is great for fitness and overall health and wellness. This week i reached my goals i set for swimming a new PB
On Saturday I smashed it an awesome leg session at the gym. My legs were sore and aching the next day.
On Sunday, I had a restful day of meal prep and visited my best friend.

Sunday Meal Prep and goal setting is so important to real your health, fitness and wellness goals.
On Monday I weighed in and I had lost 1 kilo!

I actually achieved a lot. All of these things happened because of the days and weeks before now. The training, the learning and the daily tasks that seemed like nothing at the time.

So even though it seems we do the same things day in, day out. When we look back, things do change. If nothing ever changed we wouldn’t grow, we wouldn’t learn and we wouldn’t really live. It just goes to show how important each and every day is, even if you don’t realise it all the time.

This is the first day of a new month and a new season ( goodbye Summer ). Set you goals today. If you want an easy and quick way to set you goals, click here.

A wise person told me.
If you take care of your days, your days will take care of your weeks, your weeks will take care of months and your months will take care of your years.

Make every day count!

Xo Jess